Experience & Kudos!

Jerry Jacoby:

“I eat oatmeal every morning — I hope to still be singing for kids when I’m 100!” —Jerry

“Like Mr. Rogers, Jerry Jacoby sings songs with positive messages for children. But while Mr. Rogers was as soothing as drinking a glass of milk, Jacoby is like having three cups of double espresso.” —Joe Lawler, Flint Journal

Lifesong Entertainment, LLC

Phone: (517) 529-9110
e-mail: info@jerryjacoby.com
10834 Adams Rd.
Clarklake, MI 49234



Student: "We really love Jerry." - Victoria

School teacher: "The tunes of your songs are still being heard in the classroom with the motions! They loved you--" - Yvonne Fong, Southfield Christian School, Southfield, MI