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Real Character is no Accident / Free to Be Good

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Honesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect of Ourselves, Respect of Others, and Respecting Authority! It’s laughs, music and life stories to help kids choose the path of integrity! Have Jerry design a school assembly specifically for your school, using pieces that emphasize the character traits your school is currently working on!


The ‘Free to Be Good - The Antidote to Bullying’ assembly program uses comedic stories, music and audience involvement to present the following points:

After the introductory opening song featuring 228 names, the show progresses through the above mentioned points using story and song. Please note that the term “bully” is not used as kids know when they’re being preached at and keeping hearts open and positive is the goal. Also note that the feelings of the “bullied” will not be addressed since the bully needs no encouragement that his or her actions can be effective, negative though that effect may be.

Repeat Performances:

With over 60 pieces to choose from, repeat customers can always look forward to a brand new character-encouraging show.

Family Night Concerts!:

Hundreds of organizations and schools have sponsored one of Jerry Jacoby’s Family Concerts as a great way of bringing the bonding effects of humor and song to their communities. Jerry is great at reaching all ages-toddlers through grandparents so everyone can relax and enjoy a great show. Moms and Dads will especially appreciate the emphasis on clean humor and audience involvement that is always encouraging for participants, never demeaning. Since Jerry’s emphasis is always on character & integrity, his memorable stories and songs give parents another opportunity to talk about important issues with their children.

Other Assemblies:

Junior high students love Jerry’s Junior High: the best 10 years of my life, dealing with peer pressure and the sequel Hot Dogs on a Nervous Stomach which deals with decision making skills, accepting reality and getting help leads to a healthier and happier life.

How to hire Jerry Jacoby, the Kid Motivator:

Contact Michaella Jacoby. She can answer your questions and supply you with a complete information kit on Jerry. It includes a large list of school references, suggestions and ideas on how to get the most out of your Jerry Jacoby Assembly Program.


Jerry Jacoby’s talents and proven effectiveness have a rich history.

The combined experience of over 5,000 school and family performances, 14 years as an educator, and 20 years as camp speaker, plus an entire life of acting like a kid has taught Jerry the heart of children.

He knows his audience. He connects with them.

Jerry is a proven professional. (i.e. acts like a mature, responsible adult when necessary)

Learn more about Jerry!

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Student: "I learned about responsibility and how you shouldn't avoid situations, but stand up for what you believe in and not be a wimp about things." - Christina, Carman Park Elementary School

Principal: "I was amazed at your ability to mix humor, music, and message, all together to keep the students excited and engaged. You had over 600 students spellbound by your presentation!" - Chris Turner, principal, Independence Elementary School, Clarkston, MI