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How to hire Jerry Jacoby:

Contact Michaella Jacoby by filling out the form below. She will inform you of open dates. Once your decision has been finalized, Michaella will send a contract/invoice to you along with materials which can be copied and given to teachers so they are well informed of the upcoming assembly. Thank you for your work.

Lifesong Entertainment, LLC

Phone: (517) 529-9110
10834 Adams Rd.
Clarklake, MI 49234



Student: "I learned about responsibility and how you shouldn't avoid situations, but stand up for what you believe in and not be a wimp about things." - Christina, Carman Park Elementary School

Principal: "I was amazed at your ability to mix humor, music, and message, all together to keep the students excited and engaged. You had over 600 students spellbound by your presentation!" - Chris Turner, principal, Independence Elementary School, Clarkston, MI